About Our Family

We raise gorgeous black and tan/black and red Saddle Back German Shepherd Puppies. Our love for German Shepherds is what started our small,home based breeding. We are Not a puppy mill and only have 4 quality litters per year. We take pride in the attention and care each individual puppy receives and we expect our buyers to continue the love they are shown early on. We value quality over quanity, which is what allows us to provide every new family with a great German Shepherd Puppy.

How Our Puppies Are Treated

Starting at birth our puppies are raised in optimum comfort. For the first 3 weeks our puppies and their mother are nested in a heated/air conditioned suite of their own, as shown above. When their eyes open and they begin to walk the puppies are able to explore their new found freedom on our 10 acres of open land. Complete with a pond and minimal fencing the puppies are able to obtain exercise crucial to their growth and development. Not only do they recive nutrients from their well nourished mother, each puppy is bottle fed goat milk to promote strong bone development. We treat them as a member of our family until they are old enough to become a member of yours.